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Jul 29

What’s a little rain to a goose?

by in Ontario

Distance: 121km
Time: 4:28:07

Every town has got theirs. The reason you should stop and check it out. White River, where I started the day, is “famous” because that’s where the original Winnie the Pooh was sold to a Lieutenant by a trapper. The black bear named “Winnipeg” was brought overseas with the platoon and caught the fancy of A.A Milne. Thus, you need to stop in White River, to see where it all began.

This is where the myth began.

This is where the myth began.

And 90km later today, I came into Wawa. The sight of the “infamous” Canada goose that overlooks the Trans-Canada and symbolizes the “toughest stretch of Trans-canada built east of the Rockies.” The Wawa goose is looking worse for wear, that’s why they are fundraising for a new one, but it calls out for you to stop and check it out.

The goose that can't fly.

The goose that can’t fly.

Now I know I’ve done a little bit about these before, the tallest teepee in the world, but I it caught my interest and my thoughts again today.

Also, isn’t there something special when a day when you start riding in the rain and you ride for 85km in it, suddenly stops and turns beautiful. That’s what happened today. Just magic.

Then I got to Rabbit Blanket campground (don’t even get me started on why a rabbit would ever need a blanket) to a dry tent, met wonderful people, many who were curious about me, then stayed dry in our nightly rainfall.

All in all, a nice day to set me up for a great day of riding into the Soo.

Ride on.

One Response to “What’s a little rain to a goose?”

  1. From Paul Shinkar:

    Hey. Amazing to read and sort through. It’s a real affirmation of humanity that so many people are interested and supportive. Keep up and stay safe.

    Posted on July 29, 2013 at 10:11 pm #
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