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Aug 03

You Never Know Who You’ll Run Into

by in Ontario

Distance: 120km
Time: 4:36:13

Everyone asks me, “Is it lonely on the road by yourself?” and the truth is, sometimes. I’m pretty comfortable being on my own, but there have been times.

However, every once and a while I get the opportunity to run into a familiar face. In Vancouver, Tom Tran welcomed me into his home before I got started. My two uncles who biked with me.

In Calgary, Jill and Aaron emailed me and joined us for a wonderful dinner. It definitely made Laura jealous! (I’m cheering for them this weekend as they take on Xterra!)

Kevin O’Reilly, one of my vice-principals, messaged me when he noticed we’d be in Calgary at the same time and we met up at the Stampede.

All cowboys, right this way.

All cowboys, right this way.

While taking a break in Winnipeg, Ben and Erin, friends of ours from Kitchener, who have been in Ghana for the last three years, just happened to be passing through on their trip across. Laura and I were so happy to be able to share a crepe with them.

After three years away, why don't we rendezvous in Winnipeg?

After three years away, why don’t we rendezvous in Winnipeg?

In Deep River, I got a chance to stay with a colleague and friend Holly Chester. It was a great chance to discuss profound ideas about smalltown life. (Of course, it was going to be profound, it was in “deep” River.)

Just a small town girl living in a lonely world.

Just a small town girl living in a lonely world.

Then last night, at 7:10 I just happened to check Facebook. I had a message from Becca Shewfelt saying, “We’re going to be passing through Deep River, any chance we could meet you at Tim Hortons at 7:20.” I got the message just in time, skedattled to Timmys and had a great visit with another sweet family.

Last minute works too!

Last minute works too!

All along this great country, I get reminders just how great people are. My little encounters with friends along the way, sometimes random, sometimes planned, remind me just how lucky I am for the people in my life.

Tomorrow, Ottawa. Laura. Enough said.

Ride on.

One Response to “You Never Know Who You’ll Run Into”

  1. From Joanne K.:

    Nice to see Facebook used for good! It has its benefits that’s for sure. Very much enjoying your blog Scott. 🙂

    Posted on August 3, 2013 at 7:03 pm #
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