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Aug 04

To Draft is Divine

by in Ontario

Distance: 191km
Time: 6:38:21

On a day with “flat” roads, there is nothing like getting into the big chain ring and burying yourself for speed. I was set to do that leaving Deep River and into Ottawa.

Then I got too Pembroke, the clouds lifted, as I stopped to put on sunscreen, two young guys zipped up beside me. In their matching green jerseys, they explained to me that they were the Epic Riders. Four friends from Cambridge, Ontario who were riding their bikes across Canada. Two of them are in their parent’s van, two of them pedaling away. They are raising money to help stop sex slavery in Cambodia. We chatted for a bit and then decided to ride together. For the sixty kilometers to Renfrew, we flew down the road, most of the time I stayed tucked in their draft, just about 30km/h. The difference a draft makes is wonderful. I encourage anyone interested to make a donation to go to EpicRiders.org and help these great kids make aa difference.

The Epic Riders and me, luckily I wore my green jersey to match!

The Epic Riders and me, luckily I wore my green jersey to match!

I stopped in Renfrew because my Uncle Randy and cousin Ian were meeting me there and riding back into Ottawa with me. For Ian it was going to be his longest ride yet. At Grade 10, he was beginning his dive into epic riding.

While in line at the Tim Horton’s, a guy asks me about the ride, where I started and where I’m going. As I answered that I was headed towards St. John’s, the guy two spots ahead in line mentioned, “I was born and raised in St. John’s.” This started a conversation with a bunch of people in line. The man then told me that there was a pub on St. George street in st. John’s that his son owned, “Christian’s on St. George, don’t forget that name.” he told me that when I got there I had to go because my name would be on the “Buddy List”. The “Buddy List” is a list of people who will have their drinks paid for. There it was, Renfrew was turning into a good stop. 🙂

When Randy and Ian arrived, we set out. A beautiful ride along the Ottawa River. Ian pushed the pace and kept me pumping hard, yet still beautifully in the draft. With about 30km to go, Laura came out to meet us and she joined the bike train pulling me to Ottawa. What a divine welcoming party.

My welcoming party.

My welcoming party.

I got into Ottawa around 5pm, a beautiful ride, awesome stories and a divine draft almost the whole way. Now a day off, then Laura, her brother Adrian and I head for Montreal, with a night stopover in Hawkesbury first. The journey continues.

Ride on.

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