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Aug 10

Le Gars En Sueur Vetu de Spandex

by in Quebec

Distance: 208km
Time: 8:24:38

About three minutes after leaving the comfortable, welcoming house of Agathe, I was a sweaty mess. The humidity in Trois Rivieres was palpable. It formed little droplets on each of my arm hairs. I wouldn’t be dry again, all day.

The riding was wonderful through the quaint riverside towns. The roads started to roll so making time wasn’t so easy. I started early today because I wanted to get to Vieux Quebec with enough time to be a tourist for an hour or two. Little did I remember that the old part of town hulks above the rest of Quebec City. I had to do a final climb of maybe 300m, but it was at a consistent 10% pitch, with one stretch flashing 15 on my Garmin, which I think is the steepest I’ve ridden yet.

As I got into the cobbled, busy streets I immediately became aware of my absolute drenched, spandex clad body and decided to tour around but not really mingle with the tourists, for everyone’s sake.

The crowded streets of Vieux Quebec, not necessarily where you want to be the sweaty guy in spandex.

The crowded streets of Vieux Quebec, not necessarily where you want to be the sweaty guy in spandex.

Taking the ferry across the St. Lawrence I started my track towards Montmagny. I definitely felt it in my legs and I may have under fueled because the final 50km felt way more difficult then they should have. But alas, I arrived.

Vieux Quebec, from the ferry.

Vieux Quebec, from the ferry.

Tomorrow, I ride to within 30km of the New Brunswick border and prepare to say goodbye to my 6th province.

Ride on.

One Response to “Le Gars En Sueur Vetu de Spandex”

  1. From Rose Marie:

    Hi Scott,

    We are heading home today. We are in Sackville NB at 9:45 atlantic time. We are planning to drive straight home at this point but would love to cross paths with you. Here is my cell 519-496-6156 in case you get this message in time. Travel safe.

    Posted on August 12, 2013 at 12:48 pm #
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