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Aug 13

There Is Something About A Bike

by in New Brunswick

Distance: 165km
Time: 7:15:14

Barefeet, no shirt, and pedaling as hard as his legs could down a gravel road. That was the first kid I rolled past today.

The second was a little boy practicing skidding on the gravel driveway. He’d tear down one way, then slammed the pedals backwards as he whipped the handlebars to a side. He’d throw out his leg to help the skid get distance. Then he’d fly off in the opposite direction.

The third boy was biking around his driveway making motorcycle sounds with his mouth. He was lost in his world of his imagination. He could probably feel the wind in his hair.

The last boy had taken his bike, made his way to the local corner store, Wilson’s in Millville, bought himself a bag of chips and rode around town. Up curbs, around rocks, trying to bounce over potholes.

There is something about a bike. It’s the speed, the power, the freedom, the possibility. I’ve biked 6000km this summer, so far, and there is still something about the bike.

Rural New Brunswick was wondrous today. Tough hills, a hot sun, some potholes, yet there was something about being on my bike and watching the world go by. I can’t count how many front porch waves or farmer nods I got today, but quiet country roads will do that to you.

I also got lucky today and the timing worked out that RoseMarie Davis, the Cameron Heights librarian, and family were traveling home from their summer vacation in Nova Scotia. We were able to meet up at the foot of the Hartland Bridge, the longest covered bridge in the world. Why make a covered bridge you ask? Because before steel was used for bridge trusses, wood was used. The roof of the bridge was to protect the wood truss from rain and prevent rotting.

The Davis family and I standing next to a world record.

The Davis family and I standing next to a world record.

Tomorrow, I get to saddle up again and ride some up and down terrain to Moncton, New Brunswick where I hope to camp beside Magnetic Hill. Now, I should tell you, I’ve invented a new cycling term today, a brunswick. A “brunswick” is a hill no longer than 200 meters that rises at 11 or more percent. Steep enough to require severe gear changes and by the time you change gears, you’re at the top. For instance, today was a 19 brunswick day. At the end of a high brunswick day, the legs are tired.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be aa low brunswick day.

Ride on.

One Response to “There Is Something About A Bike”

  1. From Rose Marie:

    I am so glad we were able to meet in Hartland, Scott! I am so impressed by your journey and felt more than a little lazy pulling up to meet you in a Ford Freestyle not on a bike. Enjoy the Island and Nova Scotia, of course. See you soon.

    Posted on August 18, 2013 at 9:01 pm #
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